415 West Lake Wedding Reception & Seattle Courthouse Wedding Ceremony

Sarah & Reed

Seattle Courthouse Wedding Ceremony & 415 West Lake Wedding Reception

March 18, 2019

Sarah and Reed’s beautiful 415 Westlake wedding reception in Seattle Washington was the second part of their two-day wedding celebrations in November. On the first day, they got officially married at the Seattle Courthouse in downtown. I love shooting multiple day weddings. It allows plenty of time for the couple to properly enjoy time with their guests, focus on cherishing the moments without feeling rushed, and enjoy a more relaxed pace for wedding portraits. For instance, we got extra time at their Chihuly Garden and Glass wedding dinner on night one and the next day had extra time at the Seattle MOHAI museum for wedding portraits.

First Look

While both days were special in their unique ways, there was one moment that stood out to be extra meaningful for Sarah and Reed. Their first look took place at the same cafe where they had their first date.

Memories are often linked with a special location. The smell of the place, the unique sounds, the decor. It all helps form the nostalgia for a moment. If you sense a familiar smell, it is amazing how it immediately brings you back to that certain time and place.

Sarah and Reed’s first date also happened to be a blind date. They meet at Seattle’s iconic Bakeman’s Sandwich Shop. It is a simple cafeteria – complete with long tables and benches, and handwritten menu boards. On their wedding day, they exchanged their first look at the same exact table where they first met. Reed sat waiting, anxious and excited to lay eyes on his bride and best friend. Sarah walked into the restaurant. It was a familiar memory, and a brand new exhilarating memory all rolled into one.

They reminisced about their first date. What were their initial thoughts? How their date went? If they predicted they would end up in that shop on their wedding day? What was for certain, Reed was enchanted by Sarah’s beauty.

Seattle Courthouse Wedding

After a few portraits in Bakeman’s Sandwich Shop it was time for the wedding ceremony. Everyone walked up the hill to the Seattle Courthouse for the ceremony.  They were surrounded by a small group of family and friends. The ceremony was perfectly heartfelt and intimate.

Afterward, everyone headed to the Seattle Center for a small Chihuly Garden and Glass wedding dinner. We even got lucky enough to sneak into the main part of the Chihuly Gardens for a few wedding photos under the large glass installation. This was an absolute surprise and we were all excited to have space to ourselves for some creative wedding portraits.

415 Westlake wedding

48 hours later it was time to party. Again! Day two of this two-day wedding was about to begin. Sarah and Reed, along with all their family and friends, celebrated their recent vows.  Anything is possible at a 415 Westlake wedding and it was a great backdrop for Sarah’s simple, yet sophisticated design touches. It also had plenty of room for a dance floor, which I knew was going to be really important to this fun-loving couple.

Personal Touch

There were several personal touches that embodied who Sarah and Reed are as individuals, and as a couple. The movie Pride and Prejudice was projected for guests to enjoy during dinner. They also played a video off their vows from the Courthouse wedding ceremony. For dinner, they served breakfast for dinner.  Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?! Cookies from Sarah and Reed’s favorite neighborhood bakery were served in lieu of the traditional cake. The speeches and toasts were bursting with stories, jokes, and tears. Guests were swept into the beautiful love story that these two people share.

And then the dancing and partying. It is always fun to see guests of all ages enjoying the dance floor. The energy remained high and the dance floor packed. The night ended an hour early, not because the party was over, or that everyone left – but because the guests had finished all the alcohol. It was not something they anticipated, or even thought was possible, and they were incredibly proud of their friends for it. While one party might have ended after Sarah and Reed’s sparkler exit, another one began as guests migrated to the Re:public Bar. Right next door.

Check out some these wedding photos from Sarah and Reed’s two-day wedding extravaganza including stops at – Seattle Courthouse wedding ceremony, Chihuly Garden and Glass wedding dinner, Seattle MOHAI wedding portraits and 415 West Lake wedding reception. Cheers to Mr. And Mrs. Larson!

If you want to check out their engagement session at Seattle Sculpture Park you can right here!

rainy seattle skyline
groomsmen shows off fun wedding dress socks
bride gets into wedding dress
couple have first look at their first date location
bride puts hands on grooms face as they kiss
bridesmaids watch bride and groom first look
bride and groom share a moment during their first look
bride and groom walk through pioneer square
bride and groom walk to seattle courthouse
bride and groom walk through downtown seattle
dark and moody wedding portrait on the top of seattle courthouse
seattle courthouse rooftop wedding portraits
seattle courthouse wedding view
bride and groom touch each others arms gently
groom fixes his hair in bathroom
bride and groom hold hands while waiting for their wedding ceremony
brides mom tries to take a picture of grooms dad
seattle courthouse wedding ceremony
bride smiling after getting ring on his finger
bride and groom sign marriage license  after wedding
bride and groom night portraits in pioneer square
bride and groom grab uber on their way to their wedding reception
bride and groom kiss in uber on the way to their wedding reception
bride and groom kiss at wedding reception
wedding guests smile and laugh at wedding reception
bride and groom wedding toast at Chihuly Garden and Glass wedding dinner
bride and groom quiet moment at reception
Chihuly Garden and Glass wedding dinner
bride and groom hold hands at wedding reception
Bride and groom moment at Chihuly Garden and Glass wedding dinner
Chihuly Garden and Glass wedding portrait
415 Westlake table decorations
creative wedding portraits at Seattle MOHAI
Seattle MOHAI wedding portraits in from of large log
Seattle MOHAI wedding portraits
graphic wedding portraits at Seattle MOHAI
Seattle MOHAI wedding portraits
415 Westlake Wedding Reception Decorations
father gives wedding toasts at 415 Westlake Reception
415 West Lake Wedding Reception
groomsmen wedding toasts whole bride and groom laugh
bride and groom first dance at 415 Westlake Wedding
brides father hugs her after first dance song
mother son first dance together
bride and groom kiss during slow song
wedding guests break dances at 415 Westlake Wedding Reception
wedding guests high fives girl who caught wedding bouquet at 415 Westlake Wedding Reception
groom throws garter onto the dance floor
bride puts garter on head of person who caught the garter at 415 Westlake Wedding Reception
groom celebrates with groomsman for catching garter
groom hugs groomsmen after catching the garter
dance floor at while dj playing music
bride bits grooms tie while dancing at 415 Westlake Wedding Reception
bridesmaids and groomsmen dance together at 415 Westlake Wedding Reception
bride dances in wedding dress at 415 Westlake Reception
guests dance during wedding reception
everyone dances around the bride during wedding reception
bride and groom wedding reception at 415 Westlake
Bride and groom dance in the middle of the dance floor at 415 Westlake Wedding Reception