Best of 2017 – Weddings

Best Weddings

of 2017

May 1, 2018

Last year, after I created my “Best of 2016 – Wedding” post, I closed the chapter on that year and looked ahead to my 2017 weddings. I had no idea what the next year had in store. All I could think was, “how could 2017 possibly top 2016?” It didn’t. But that’s because 2017 was a unique all on it own – incomparable to the previous year.

I had no idea what the photos would be, the awesome moments I would capture, the celebrations of families coming together, or the important memories that would be made between two people. Nothing at all, and I loved that. The mystery and uncertainty of waiting for what I’m about to photograph next is what makes everything so interesting. It’s what makes every single wedding exciting and different.

This year’s weddings were more diverse then I have ever seen. Couples made each wedding truly their own – unique and important to them. Not what others have done in the past, not what is popular or trendy, but a reflection of what each couple wanted to do for themselves. They created the type of wedding that expressed who they are as a couple.

It inspired me. As I’ll be getting married this year myself, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to look back on these weddings and find what is really meaningful. While the decor, food, and details are no doubt very great, what is important to the couple is actually getting married. It’s so painfully obvious that should be the focus, but sometimes that part can be overshadowed by all of the noise, “traditions”, and hype.

In a year where the world seemed divided, everything about these weddings provided a sense of hope and commonality. Hope for the future, hope for love, hope for kindness, hope for bringing your best self forward. The very essence of vows and promises of shared future brought the couple, and their loved ones, closer in a new way that never existed before. How can you not find hope in that?

In 2017 I noticed an abundance of subtle, seemingly ordinary, instances that actually were the most powerful and telling moments. Small gestures, cherished embraces, killer dance moves, guests delivered spectacular moments. These captured moments are little surprises to the couple when they view their photos. It gives them a glimpse into the event from the guests’ perspective and the happenings that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Now that I have finished “Best of 2017 – Weddings” I sit on my couch thinking the same thing I did a year ago. What moments will happen in front of my camera in this year ahead? What memories am I about to pause in time forever? What will be the most important wedding photos I take of 2018 for each couple? I don’t know…but I also can’t wait to find out.

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All Photos by Seattle and Destination Wedding Photographer Logan Westom