Backyard WeddingAmie & RichardBremerton, WA

My very first backyard wedding will probably go down as my all-time favorite backyard wedding in the years to come. Bold Statement? Well, it would be hard to surpass just how truly unique and fun-filled this wedding was. The whole morning and early afternoon in a nutshell: sliding down a 100 foot slip and slide, zooming across the lawn on the zipline, splashing about in the pool, playing homemade yard games, and so much more. A fun wedding like this does not surprise me in the very least, as Richard and Amie are an upbeat couple (yes, the kind that are always a joy to be around). Right before dinner, guests helped set up for the wedding ceremony. For both Amie and Richard it was the perfect way to celebrate their union, and to join their two families into one. For me, it was incredible to photograph. I love the photos that follow and I hope you do as well.

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All photos by Seattle Wedding Photographer Logan Westom

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