Brush Prairie Baptist Church Wedding

Kait & Ron

Brush Prairie Baptist Church: Zoom Wedding

May 20, 2020

Kait and Ron’s  Brush Prairie Baptist Church live stream wedding was a the last nuptials I photographed before the coronavirus kept everyone at home. It was a special honor to be able to photograph this ceremony. Kait and Ron postponed their originally planned wedding with 150+ guests wedding to a date later this fall, and opted for a smaller elopement with immediate family. Since so many of their friends and family could not attend, these photos became considerably more important to share their wedding.

Kait and Ron were looking forward to their wedding so much that they didn’t want to wait to get married. With some flexibility, improvising, and the ability to livestream their wedding on Zoom, they still got married. The small ceremony at was held at Brush Prairie Baptist Church where Kait’s brother, Ryan is a Youth Pastor. Given the circumstances, I must admit it is a fortunate time to have a brother who is a Youth Pastor, and a brother-in-law who is a photographer. All hands came together to make the day special as Kait’s family decorated the church. My wife Allie, Ron’s older sister, stepped in as an impromptu hair dresser. She even watched braiding tutorials youtube on the drive to the wedding.

The wedding was intimate with their immediate families, their significant others, and the Best Man (who might as well be family). Ron’s Best Man, Josh, set up a Zoom call with the other groomsmen so Ron could visit with them while he got ready. The bridesmaids joined in later via Zoom to watch the live stream of the wedding ceremony and listen to toasts. The groomsmen and bridesmaids dressed up in their suits and dresses. Some were wearing sweatpants. Some had a background of a Jack-in-the-box parking lot. Somehow that combination added it’s own type of amusement and memorable charm. Kait and Ron’s friends and far away siblings, although separated by distance, were very near to their hearts in making the day feel special.

Ryan preformed a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony which perfectly reflected and celebrated this couple. Kait and Ron potted a plant prior to the ceremony and invited each of their guests to water it. An emblem of growing deeper and richer by the affection and support of their loved ones. Which reminds me, I should ask them how that plant is progressing. No pressure.

For any couples looking to postpone their wedding out a year have a small elopement in the interim, it is a very meaningful event in it’s own way. In fact, Allie and I had two weddings. One small and one big. For the sole reason of having the smaller wedding first. I highly recommend it because it means twice anniversary celebrations! Now, like Allie and I, Kait and Ron will have two wedding anniversaries. This first one of their actual marriage. The second where they get to celebrate the way they originally imagined with all their family and friends present.

Please enjoy this full wedding photography blog of their Zoom live-streamed wedding at Brush Prairie Baptist Church. Congrats to Mrs. & Mrs. Leaf!

golden hour wedding portraits with complementary colors blue and yellow
wind blows brides veil in wedding portrait
bride getting hair and makeup done
bride curling her hair before wedding
brides nephews watch her get ready in the morning
bride gets ready to put on wedding dress
flower girl watches bride get into wedding dress
family reacts to bride in wedding dress
sister hugs groom before wedding ceremony
bride reads over her vows before the wedding ceremony
bride reads her vows
groom smiles as he see the bride walk down the aisle
groom tears up as he sees bride during wedding ceremony
bride hugs her father during wedding ceremony
ring bearer waves to people on zoom live stream
bridesmaids help bride with her wedding dress
bridemaides zoom wedding
groom laughs during wedding ceremony
Brush Prairie Baptist Church wedding
brides brother officiates wedding ceremony
Brush Prairie Baptist Church wedding ceremony
groom cries while giving saying his vows to the bride
bride and groom laugh while the bride says were wedding vows
video camera records wedding ceremony
bride and bridesmaids share a quiet moment at wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony first kiss at Brush Prairie Baptist Church
bride and groom smile as they walk down the aisle together
bridal party walks down the aisle after wedding ceremony
family live stream wedding from their homes via zoom
groom helps bride walk with her dress
bride and groom walk through sunlight at sunset
wedding portraits with two sun flairs
flower girl and ring bearer pick up flower pedals after wedding ceremony
bride and groom return for wedding toasts
father of the bride reads wedding toasts
family cry during fathers wedding toast
flower girl gives father tissue during wedding toast
father of the bride gives hug to bride after wedding toast
ring bearer toasts bride and groom
Bride and groom sit on church alter during wedding toasts
best man gives wedding toast
everyone laughs during wedding toast
bride smiles and looks at bride during wedding toasts
guests raise their glasses during wedding toasts
brides sister gives wedding toast
sister hugs bride after saying wedding toast
bride and groom laugh during wedding toasts
bride reads toast to husband
flower girl dances while bride and groom dance
bride and groom walk down alter steps at Brush Prairie Baptist Church
bride dances with flower girl at wedding
bridal party high five and fit bump wedding guests
flower girl and ring bearer give kisses to bride
bride and groom walk during golden hour
bride and groom cuddle during wedding portraits
groom helps bride carry her dress
bride and groom embrace during wedding portraits
bride and groom wedding portraits outside Brush Prairie Baptist Church
backlight black and white sunset wedding photos
golden hour wedding portraits at Brush Prairie Baptist Church