Hyojin & Matt Engagement

Hyojin & Matt

Downtown Seattle Engagement

August 15, 2018

I had never been on an engagement session that required a security escort to the location. But for Hyojin and Matt that is how their downtown Seattle engagement session began as we ventured up 17 stories to the private rooftop of the Russell Investment Tower pavilion.


As exclusive as the security escort sounds, it was more of a formality since the 17th floor rooftop was not accessible due to renovations currently underway. Luckily for us, Hyojin works in the building and received special permission to access the rooftop. We just needed security to open locked doors and walk us through the renovation area. And to be our entourage, of course.

It was fun to gain access to the exclusive rooftop and it was also pretty cool to feel important enough to require a security detail. Hyojin and Matt dressed the part – him, dapper in a black suit. Her, in a sleek black jumper and flashy pink heels.

After shooting on the rooftop we ventured more into the city, ending up at Pike Place Market. Shooting in between the alleyways, exploring the new market addition, and glimpsing the Olympic Mountains at sunset was an incredible way to spend the evening. Not to mention, getting two of my favorite engagement session photos I have ever taken to this date on a downtown Seattle engagement session.

My two new favorites are the first and last images in the slideshow below. Hyojin and Matt’s connection with each other was so obvious and clear. It allowed me the opportunity to place them in a particular location and let them interact with each other. Meanwhile,  I could work my creative magic knowing they would be perfect in each photo. It is always fun for me to just refine a composition and perfect a vision.

The framing of the composition, the beautiful light, the unexpectedness, the abstraction, the artistry, and the obscure nature make these two images my favorite. Each image took about 10 minutes to create.