Danielle & DJ Engagement

Danielle & DJ

Downtown Seattle Engagement

September 14, 2018

What happens when it rains during your engagement session? You get pictures that are even better then expected. For Danielle and DJ’s downtown Seattle engagement session that is exactly how things panned out. 

We had one day that lined up for both of our schedules fitting in on our busy Holiday calendars. It was either this one particular day or we would not have another opportunity for engagement photos until their wedding (kind of defeating the purpose, no?). The only problem was that it was slated to rain on that day. However, that really was not a problem, but more of a gift. I view it as an added dramatic element that I often wish I could add on command to any photo sessions. 

When it rains during an engagement session the only solution is to embrace it, welcoming it with open arms. That is exactly what Danielle and DJ did and it paid off with excellent photos.

We did seek some refuge in a nearby parking garage. It might seem like an odd location but most parking garages offer a lot of variety for engagement photos. They have a roof top. Sometimes even with a view from six or seven stories up. They have covered areas with beautiful side light. Glimpses of light so beautiful that you can’t find outside. Ramps, arrows, and painted lines can all be fun graphic elements to play when creating interesting compositions. Danielle and DJ did not bat an eye at shooting in the parking garage. Their trust in me even won an award from (which award? Plug it) one of their photos in the parking garage.

We finished the shoot in the windy rain along Alki Beach looking over to the Seattle skyline downtown. The rain was coming down hard, the sky was dark and moody as the sun had just set. I used a flash light (link) because when you back light rain it show up in the photos. This is one of my favorite lighting effects and it can only be achieved when it rains. I often wish it would rain more just so I could capture the beauty.

Danielle & DJ embraced the rain. They were true champs, and if they were phased by the elementals they didn’t show it one bit. We got a little wet but in the end it was totally worth it. You could see in the photos that they were focused more on each other than the weather and I absolutely love that about them. I can’t wait to make more photos with them at their wedding soon!

The next time you consider rescheduling a session because of the weather, just remember that the photos are about to improve dramatically, and experience that the couple shares will be that much more intimate, genuine, and memorable.