FPJA Award 2018 Round 1

FPJA Award

Family Photojournalist Association

May 20, 2018

Documentary and Day in the LifeFamily Sessions are something special and require a unique skill. The Family Photojournalist Association recognizes this and started a contest to recognize exceptional family photography.

In my first submission to FPJA I won a total of six awards.

I won One Gold Medallions, One Blue Medallions, and Four Purple Medallions.

Gold Medallions are awarded to images that all four judges voted for, Blue Medallions are awarded to images that three our of the four judges voted for, and Purple Medallions are awarded to images that all two out of the four judges voted for.

I would have been happy winning one award but to have won six awards is incredible to me. I’m so happy with the images that won awards too. The photos that show the real power of the day in the life session.

The really cool part about the FPJA is that all the contests are judged by full-time professional photojournalists. Photographers who have worked for the New York Times, Associated Press, National Geographic, and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers. For someone who came from the newspaper photojournalist world this means a lot to the credibility and the mentality in which they strictly judge these photos.

Please enjoy these photos from Day in the Life Sessions.