2018 Favorite Wedding Photos

Best Wedding Photos


January 18, 2019

My favorite wedding photos this year took all over Seattle and Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and I can’t thank those who took me on their journey enough for such a great year. 2018 was a year full of weddings that I will never forget. It was the year that I got to plan and celebrate my own wedding, right alongside all of the wonderful couples whose weddings I would photograph. There will never be a year quite like this past year.

Experiencing the planning side of weddings presented a whole new light. Not just the photography aspect, but every little detail. I learned so many things that I did not even anticipate. For each couple, I photographed in 2018, before 2018, and all of those I’ll photograph in the future, I hold a huge amount of respect for you. Planning a wedding is no small accomplishment. There are so many small details that need figuring out: so many emails,  coordinating with vendors, budgeting, planning logistics with family, registering, and did I mention all of the emails?! I now understand what married couples go through. I salute you all.

One wedding that was especially fun was three months before our wedding. Allie and I were able to photograph a wedding at the same exact venue we would get married later in the year. It was a surreal experience to be the photographers for a wedding right before it would be us getting married. Watching two people stand in the same spot where we would recite our own vows, where we would dance our first dance, where all of the most important people would witness our wedding. It provided such good insight of the behind the scenes and it helped reaffirm that we picked the absolute best venue to work with.

Having photographed more weddings then I can count, I knew a thing or two about weddings. But after planning and celebrating my own wedding I have a newfound perspective and can’t wait for 2019’s weddings.

Beyond my own wedding, I got to photograph many special weddings in 2018. While I loved the wedding photos I took this past year, the people I got to photograph were even better. The couples I met this year were some of the most joyful, sincere, and altruistic people I could ever hope to meet. I feel so lucky that these couples trusted me to document their wedding. Every wedding moment photographed, all the tears, and cheers, inappropriate dance moves, honest toasts, and heartfelt hugs really showed me what wonderful people I was blessed to get to spend time with this past year. My favorite wedding photos will certainly stay close with me in the years to come.

Reviewing all my favorite wedding photos in 2018 makes me excited for all the best wedding photos in 2019 I will soon be making. Please enjoy my favorite wedding photos from 2018.

All Photos by Logan Westom & Allie Leaf