June 22, 2016

For Kate and Charlie’s Fay Bainbridge State Park engagement session we visited some of their most memorable date night locations. We started in downtown Bainbridge at the place they had their first date. The quaint little town was perfect. Flowers were in bloom, the trees full and green as the sun began to tuck behind the trees leaving a wonderful golden light.

You can’t tell from the photos but these photos were taken on one of the hottest days of the spring this year. One step out of my car the heat hit like an open oven. Luckily we moved down to the water where the temperature was cooler with plenty of shade. For one shot I even jumped into the water to cool down but mainly to get a unique angle along the water that ended up being totally worth the freezing cold water.

Next we got in our cars and headed for another special location, Fay Bainbridge State Park. The sun was close to the horizon and getting better by the second. We walked the beach up and down. We wandered along the drift wood and explored the drift wood forts near the shore. I jumped in the water one more time, a nice refresher on this hot spring day. Katie and Charlie were doing an excellent job in front of the camera the whole time. It was a blast shooting with them and getting to be introduced to these beautiful new locations for Kate and Charlie’s Fay Bainbridge State Park engagement session.

I had a great time with this engagement session. I loved that is was close to home and in a location I have never been before. For my first engagement session on Bainbridge island, it was pretty spectacular. It fills me with even more anticipation and excitement to return to Bainbridge for Kate and Charlie’s wedding later this year!

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All photos by Seattle and Destination Wedding Photographer Logan Westom