Angie & Austin

Angie & Austin

Frank Lloyd Wright House Wedding

July 20, 2018

Angie and Austin’s Frank Lloyd Wright House Wedding was the perfect blend of inspiration from my past career and current passion for wedding photography. The three of us connected over our appreciation for architecture and history.

Having studied and worked in the architecture field, I have a huge appreciation for the built environment. That is where I draw a lot of inspiration. I especially favor anything mid-century modern, and just about everything that Frank Lloyd Wright designed.  The Buehler House as the backdrop to the wedding, it was extremely rewarding to get to shoot in such an iconic place.

I love traveling to photograph weddings in California, let alone such a historic estate for this Frank Lloyd Wright House Wedding.

Angie and Austin got married outside on the lawn of The Buehler House, a Frank Lloyd Wright design in Orinda California. Having learned so much about Frank Lloyd Wright in school, it was so cool to experience his design in person. On top of that, having the opportunity to photograph a wedding there was such a joy. Built on 3 acres of land, with a Japanese Garden, there were limitless possibilities for photos.

During the rehearsal, we got a private tour of The Buehler House with a short history lesson. There was an eerie and historic feeling to the house. Since the home is not currently a residence it holds a lot of historic value and feels more like a museum. I loved everything about it and could not wait until the next day to shoot the wedding.

One thing I especially loved about their wedding was the party favor. They gifted each guest a small vase and guests picked a flower from their ceremony backdrop. Instead of letting the flowers go to waste each guest created their own arrangement of flowers and were able to bring them home. It was fun watching everyone pick their favorite flowers and create a custom mini bouquet of flowers.

While you can find similarities when comparing photography to architecture, the biggest commonality I find is it intentionality. The attention to detail and intentional design Frank Lloyd Wright poured into the Buehler House reminds me of the purpose and intention I strive for when creating my photographs. I’m not just pointing my camera at things to take a photo. I’m making photographs by creating interesting compositions and waiting for the moment to align with it. Foreseeing photographs before they happen. Ultimately, creating something unique and special. Much like Frank Lloyd Wright did at The Bueller House by designing with perfect intention and thoughtfulness to each part, so is the photographic story of Angie and Austin.

Please enjoy the wedding story of Angie and Austin’s Frank Lloyd Wright House Wedding in Orinda California.