May 11, 2018

seattle skyline wedding view

The first time I met Andrew and Keith was at the wedding of my college roommate, Erick. Keith was Erick’s best man, and I remember he gave a memorable toast (which Erick then repaid with an equally memorable toast at their wedding). I met Andrew at the reception after he finished tearing up the dance floor to a Brittany Spears song. A few months later we connected again and they asked me to photograph their wedding. I was honored. Based on how we all meet, and the connections already rooted in our lives, I knew that this wedding would be meaningful, and full of great people, and have lots of memorable moments.

Months before their wedding I started following Andrew’s Instagram and watched him document their wedding planning process on his social media. It was fun to look at from a far. Andrew works in adverting for Nordstrom, and he carried that creativity into sharing their story so well. It was really interesting to be engaged in everything leading up to shooting the big day. Almost like building the anticipation.

Nearly a year after we all meet for the first time, their wedding day had arrived. Their wedding date was really meaningful to them as they had their first date on September 9th, got engaged on September 9th, and they were about to get married…you guessed it, on September 9th! 9.9.17. Pretty incredible to have all these meaning days in their lives all lineup.

On their wedding day, we had a significant amount of time in the early afternoon for portraits before the ceremony and reception. We started in West Seattle, where they live, and ventured around Alki Beach and down the grand steps that lead down to the water (a place Andrew and Keith had scouted ahead of time). We got some smoothies and bagels before going around Alki to the Seattle skyline view. We had quite a bit of time and Andrew and Keith put a lot of trust in me to let me take whatever photos I found creative and unique. I love when couples are willing to trust and try new things – I think some of the most compelling and distinctive work comes from that. Together we made some incredible images. Keith’s best man Erick assisted me with the lighting on some of photos, just like we used to do in college.

JM Cellars Winery wedding was perfect with all their close friends packed tightly in the small courtyard.  At the end of it all, Keith’s mom’s dog even jumped off her lap and into the aisle and celebrated by shaking her tail.

The reception was held outside in the courtyard. It was beautiful and looked like it was from an Italian or French movie set. Hanging lights across the tables and candles scattered everywhere created a warm glow during the toast and first dances.  To top it off they had two poets inside wrote custom peoms for their guests.

The sky opened up and lightly rained for a few moments – long enough to take a few awesome night rain shots. Meanwhile at their JM Cellars Winery wedding, some dancing and a friendly dance battle between wedding guests concluded the perfect evening. I am so elated that Keith and Andrew invited me to shoot their wedding – I wish them every happiness and I hope these photos help them reflect back on their perfect day.

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All Photos by Seattle and Destination Wedding Photographer Logan Westom