Olowalu Plantation House Wedding in Maui

Sam & Gary

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding in Maui

May 10, 2019

Maui Destination Wedding

Sam and Gary’s Olowalu Plantation House wedding on Maui was very special for many reasons. We were able to spend the entire week with Sam, Gary, their family and friends enjoying various activities. From hanging out at the pool at the Mahina Surf, to a night out in Lahaina, a beach day at Black Rock, a drive on the Hana Highway (to Twin Falls for their day after session), and need I mention, the main reason we all went to Maui, to photograph their beautiful Olowalu Plantation House Wedding. It was my last wedding in 2019 and the best way to end an already perfect wedding season with a Maui destination wedding.

It was special for one other very specific and unique reason too. For a wedding photographer, there are two really important weddings in your life. Your own wedding and the first wedding you photograph right after your wedding. Sam and Gary got married exactly 12 days after Allie and I. Not only that, we have been close friends for a number of years and to photograph a friend’s wedding is always an honor.

Mahina Surf Pool Time

Before the Olowalu Plantation House wedding, we all stayed at the Mahina Surf located north of Kaanapali. This way we could be close to all the action. This location already held so many special memories for Sam as she grew up visiting Maui and always stayed at the Mahina Surf.  Now it holds new memories spanning even more family and friends because of their wedding.

On the first day, we immediately hung out at the pool. I was introduced to Sam’s nephews who she absolutely adores. They are such a close family it was fun to finally meet these boys I’ve always heard so much about! It took me only a matter of moments to become aquatinted with them before they wanted me to come to play and take pictures with my underwater camera. They were an outright blast. Because they played so hard they almost drowned me. Only once though…haha.

That night, Gary and the guys, and Sam and her girls split up for their respective evenings out. My wife, Allie, gushed all about their sunset cocktail cruise among other fun activities. I took this opportunity to drive the road to Hana to scout locations for Sam and Gary’s day after session at Twin Falls.

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding Rehearsal & Beach Day

The next day started with a quick tour and ceremony rehearsal at the Olowalu Plantation House wedding venue. Following the rehearsal, we made a stop at Leoda’s Pie shop for key lime pies – my kind of breakfast! After pies, everyone headed to Black Rock on the Kaanapali beach. A little snorkeling, jumping off Black Rock, and enjoying a few frozen Lava Flow beverages was the perfect way to spend the day before the wedding. Later that evening everyone was invited back to the Mahina Surf for a BBQ. It was another fun opportunity for guests to spend some relaxing time together. I’m always able to photograph a wedding better when I get to meet everyone before the wedding.

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding Day

Finally, the day came for Sam & Gary’s Olowalu Plantation House wedding. The Olowalu Plantation House was the quintessential place for a real Hawaii wedding – located right on the beach, with an abundance of palm trees, everything was lush and green. The perfect Maui destination wedding venue. Because of this taking photos was so easy all day.

Sam and Gary’s wedding party arrived early to get ready. I was shooting this one solo for 90% of the day as Allie, my favorite second shooter, was a bridesmaid. As she couldn’t help herself, she did snap a few photos too.

The ceremony was right next to the beach. You could hear the gentle waves crash on the shore as Gary and Sam shared their vows.  The small and intimate ceremony was attended by their very close family and friends and it felt like they shared a small piece of paradise.

When you think of beautiful Maui wedding, the setting always has the most amazing sunset. Sam and Gary were graced with one of the best sunsets of the year. It was timed perfectly for some sunset wedding photos along with their first dance. When I was talking with the locals who see amazing sunsets every day on Maui,  even they were amazed at how bold, colorful, beautiful, and long-lasting the sunset was that evening. Someone must have returned the heart of Te Fiti to Maui that night for such a one of a kind sunset.

Twin Falls Day After Session

After the Olowalu Plantation House wedding, Sam and Gary’s day after session at Twin Falls was a great opportunity for some extra creative wedding portraits. Allie and I all traveled the Hana Highway to Twin Falls with Sam and Gary for this fun trash the dress session. not every day you get to take photos alongside waterfalls and bamboo forests!

After Twin Falls we drove back to the Mahina Surf to finish the session on their private beach. When we arrived there were TEN sea turtles napping on the beach. How lucky is that?! The entire week the most we ever saw at one time was one to two. It was like all the sea turtles knew we were going to be taking their wedding photos. We were conscientious to provide the turtles with an appropriate amount of space while we took some of my favorite photos around them. It was something that I never expected to capture.

Underwater Wedding Photos

Sam & Gary were always up for anything on their destination wedding. When they said YES to my last idea of the night I knew they were the perfect clients (and just as crazy as I am). The last thing I requested of them was to jump into the swimming pool. In their wedding attire. This was so we could get some underwater wedding portrait photos. With very little convincing necessary, Sam & Gary jumped into the Mahina Surf swimming pool. The photos are unlike anything else from the entire trip. The lighting and fluid movements remind me instantly of being in the tropical environment floating and splashing, and all synchronizing our breath.

After four days on Maui shooting Sam and Gary’s Olowalu Plantation House wedding and fun beach activities, we were all left with some incredible memories and photos. Thanks again Sam and Gary – congratulation, my friends!

Please enjoy these Maui destination wedding photos of Sam & Gary’s Olowalu Plantation House wedding. Don’t skip the underwater wedding photos at the very end.

Wedding Portrait with Sea Turtles at Maui Wedding
underwater wedding portrait in hawaii
Sunset wedding portrait at Maui Destination Wedding
sea turtle on Maui beach
kids jumping into pool at Mahina Surf
Kids play in swimming pool at Mahina Surf Condo
Kids jump into swimming pool
kids playing in swimming pool in maui
Mahina Surf condo swimming pool
brothers play with each other in swimming pool in maui
surfing on maui beach
girls dance at Lahaina bar before wedding
kids climb on tree at Olowalu Plantation House
Olowalu Plantation House wedding ceremony rehearsal
couple holding hands at Olowalu Plantation House rehearsal
bride and groom swimming in Kaanapali beach
kid snorkeling at black rock
rainbow over a sea turtle on mahina surf condo
groom hugs kids at wedding rehearsal
marina surf wedding rehearsal
rainbow over Mahina Surf condo in maui
kid plays at mahina surf in maui
couple poses for photo on Mahina Surf beach with kids watching
sunset view from mahina surf condos in maui
couple walk along rocks at the mahina surf condo complex
kid runs around with a hat on during couples sunset wedding portraits
bridesmaids hangs dress from tree at Maui Wedding
bride gets her hair and maui done at Olowalu Plantation House
bride gets her makeup put on at designation wedding
groomsmen arrive at wedding venue
groom showers in the morning of his wedding day
groom and groomsmen get ready at Olowalu Plantation House
bride gets her veil put on
bridesmaids helps bride put on her wedding dress
reflection in mirror of bride getting her dress on
bridesmaids react to bride putting on wedding dress
maid of honor cries as the bride puts on wedding dress
maid of honor and bride have a moment before her first look
Wedding at Olowalu Plantation House
bridesmaids walk to wedding ceremony at Olowalu Plantation House
wedding ceremony arbor and chairs at Olowalu Plantation House
groom hugs mom during wedding ceremony
bride walks down aisle with father and uncle
Olowalu Plantation House wedding ceremony
Wedding at Olowalu Plantation House
bridesmaids and grooms mens at beach wedding ceremony
groom cries during wedding ceremony
Olowalu Plantation House wedding ceremony moments
first kiss at Maui Destination Wedding
Olowalu Plantation House wedding ceremony on the beach
Olowalu Plantation House cocktail hour
appetizers at destination wedding in maui
Olowalu Plantation House cocktail hour
Olowalu Plantation House sunset wedding portraits
Olowalu Plantation House ocean waves splashing during wedding portraits
people fishing at Olowalu Plantation House
moody Olowalu Plantation House wedding portraits
sunset portraits at Maui Destination Wedding
bride and groom walking back to reception at Olowalu Plantation House
palm tree and wedding portraits at Olowalu Plantation House wedding
table decor at maui destination wedding
sunset first dance at Olowalu Plantation House
bridesmaids wedding toast notes
bridesmaids give wedding toast at wedding reception
Olowalu Plantation House wedding toasts
groom gets embarrassed during wedding toasts
bride and groom siting at sweet heart table
Olowalu Plantation House wedding reception
parents first dance at Olowalu Plantation House wedding reception
Wedding at Olowalu Plantation House wedding reception at night
bride and groom dance at wedding
Maui Destination Wedding reception dance floor
bride and groom dance at maui wedding reception
creative dancing photos at maui wedding
kids reach for drink at maui wedding
brides talks with ring bearers at wedding reception
bride talks with ring bearers that are in trouble at wedding
groom hugs groomsmen at wedding
groom dances with his bride at wedding reception
Olowalu Plantation House wedding reception
wedding guests dance at Olowalu Plantation House wedding reception
groom carries ring bearer during Maui Destination Wedding reception
happy family moments at destination wedding reception
groom fun dance moves at Hawaii Wedding
bride and groom dance in red dance floor lights
chicken walking around twin falls
couple walks with wedding attire at twin falls
bride and groom walk through twin falls
Maui Destination Wedding photos at twin falls
bride and groom scale rock edge at twin falls
groom helps bride up rocks at twin falls
wedding portrait in bamboo forest at twin falls
bride and groom quiet moment at twin falls bamboo forest
bamboo forest wedding photos in maui
bride and groom walking through bamboo forest
sea turtles sleep on beach at Hawaii Wedding
waves splash on beach at Maui Wedding
bride and groom get hit by wave on trash the dress session
sea turtles on beach during sunset wedding portraits
Hawaii Wedding portrait on private beach
day after session on maui beach
perfect sunset at Maui Destination Wedding portrait
bride and groom jump in swimming pool
underwater wedding portrait at maui destination wedding