Ritter Family Camping

Nearly one year ago, I went camping with my friends Gretchen & Jason, along with baby David and their dog Sequoia. We returned to the same campground again this summer. But this year, David was actually born to enjoy it. Salt Creek Camp ground in Port Angels was the perfect shoreline backdrop to Gretchen & Jason’s maternity photos. This year, they were able to show David the beautiful landscape of their favorite stretch of coastline in Washington.

It was Gretchen & Jason’s first time car camping with their 10 month old. I’m glad I was able to tag along as David’s very first camping trip was quite the adventure. He just learned to walk on his own. For a few feet at least. To the mobile and curious David, this meant everything in the campsite must be explored.

David was teething, so naturally he wanted to chew on everything in sight. From the firewood, to sticks, and even dirt – everything was fair game. His parents wanted him to embrace the outdoors as much as possible. To their delight, he loved it all! I’m already looking forward to camping again next year!

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