Scenic Beach Engagement – Annie & Keith

Rainy fall weather is always tricky to plan around. So for Annie and Keith we decided to beat the rain and do an early morning sunrise engagement instead of an afternoon sunset. We might have been a little tired inside but on the outside these two were all smiles. It was hard to get a serious photo of these two. Always smiling and laughing with each other the whole time. We started at Scenic Beach in Seabeck which had an amazing view of the mountains across the water. A small log cabin provided an awesome location to get some beautiful window light in the forest surrounding the beach area. Next we traveled to the Kitsap Forest Theater area and walked along the Big Tree Trail. There we found a small creek with 10-20 migrating salmon swimming up current. It was quiet the site. Check out Annie and Keith’s photos below.

1-seattle-engagement-log-cabin 2-cute-couple-in-log-cabin 3-cabin-in-the-woods-engagement 4-engagement-session-fall-leaves 5-cute-couple-window-light7-salmon-swimming-up-stream-kitsap6-kitsap-forest-engagement  8-scenic-beach-trees-engagement 9-couple-hugging-on-scenic-beach 10-couple-walking-on-scenic-beach-seabeck 11-seabeck-beach-engagement 12-seattle-engagement-photographer 13-drift-wood-seabeck-beach-engagement 14-laughing-couple-on-beach 15-seattle-engagement-session 17-laughing-couple-by-trees 18-smiling-couple-on-beach 19-fall-beach-engagement

All Photos by Seattle Wedding Photographer Logan Westom

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