Simple Seattle Courthouse Wedding In Seattle Washington

Maryam & David

Seattle Courthouse Wedding

February 11, 2019

Maryam and David’s simple Courthouse wedding in Seattle, Washington was the perfect early fall wedding celebration. Their Seattle wedding happened at the end of September. The leaves were just starting to change colors. The temperature was comfortable, between the warm sun and crisp breeze. The sky was partly cloudy – letting in the right amount of sunshine. Everything came together perfectly too for Maryam and David’s classic and intimate Seattle Courthouse Wedding.

I meet them about an hour before we needed to head to the Seattle Courthouse. I watched as they both tried to figure out how to secure David’s boutonniere. I could have intervened to help out, but that would not have reflected the real moment between them. Weddings are about the real moments. What started as a struggle turned into laughter as they figured out how to pin the boutonniere. That’s what I first learned David and Maryam. They both work together as a great team. Even when there is a struggle they can have a positive and humorous outlook.

We ventured around Pioneer Square taking wedding portraits. We explored a few parking garages to escape the busy streets. Surprisingly, parking garages offer a great urban aesthetic backdrop for wedding photos. We then went to Occidental Park for more wedding portraits, this time with their families. Lastly, we walked up the hill to the Seattle Courthouse.

David’s niece had just woken up from a nap before we started taking pictures and she was a bit quiet and shy in the beginning. She looked fascinated by the big and loud city – quietly looking all directions as we walked made our way to the Courthouse. Once we arrived she really woke up and was as curious as ever. While we waited for David and Maryam’s turn to be married, she gazed outside the window overlooking downtown Seattle and Smith Tower.

A few more of David and Maryam’s friends showed up for their Seattle Courthouse Wedding. The wedding happened on the rooftop of the Seattle Courthouse. With Mount Rainer, Smith Tower, and downtown Seattle as their ceremony backdrop. They spoke their vows and exchanged rings as their family cried witnessing the beautiful and authentic moment. My favorite moments were the glances between David’s Parents as they watched their son get married.

Words can’t describe everything. Check out some these photos of Mayan and David’s Seattle Courthouse Wedding.

Seattle Courthouse Wedding
bride helping groom put on his boutonniere
wedding portraits in pioneer square seattle
couple walks around the street of downtown Seattle
bride and groom in seattle parking garage
Pioneer square wedding portrait
wedding dress in pioneer square seattle
downtown seattle wedding portrait
bride and groom holds each other outside seattle courthouse
family waits for bride and groom in downtown seattle
bride and groom meet for seattle courthouse wedding
cute family wedding photos in pioneer square
bride and groom walk with family to seattle courthouse wedding
bride walks through pioneer square seattle in beautiful heels
flower girl plays with her dress while waiting at stop light during the walk from pioneer square seattle to the courthouse
people watch as bride and groom walk to Seattle Courthouse
family walk from pioneer square seattle to the seattle courthouse
groom laughs with family while waiting to cross street in downtown seattle
bride and groom arrive in seattle courthouse
flower girl looks at smith towner in seattle courthouse wedding
groom looks shocked when seeing friends at Seattle courthouse wedding
flower girl pulls on father of the grooms arm
flower girl gets help with her hair
kids at a seattle courthouse wedding
family wait for seattle courthouse wedding to start
grandpa and flower girl laugh at seattle courthouse wedding
family surround bride and groom on the rooftop of the Seattle Courthouse for a wedding
bride smiles at groom during seattle rooftop courthouse wedding
proud parents watch their son get married at seattle rooftop courthouse wedding
bride puts on grooms wedding ring while mother of groom wipes away tear
groom puts on brides wedding ring at seattle rooftop courthouse wedding
first kiss during seattle rooftop courthouse wedding