Shannon & JoeLove ReflectsSeattle, WA

It’s always a lot of fun returning to locations I have photographed engagement sessions before. There is an expectations to get similar photos that attracted the couple to get pictures taken at that location and there is the exciting challenge for me to capture something new and surprising for the couple when they see the photos. This set of photos at the Seattle City Center and EMP is just that. Old location, new couple, new exciting photos I never saw the first time. I think thats why I love what I do because it’s never the location that makes taking photos special. It’s the people who I photograph thats makes the difference in the photos. There is always something new and exciting with each individual couple.

1-seattle-emp-engagement-session 2-seattle-emp-engagement-session 3-seattle-emp-engagement-session 4-seattle-emp-engagement-session 5-seattle-emp-engagement-session 6-seattle-emp-engagement-session 7-seattle-emp-engagement-session 8-seattle-emp-engagement-session 9-downtown-seattle-engagement-session 10-seattle-scultpture-park-engagement-session 11-seattle-scultpture-park-engagement-session 12-seattle-scultpture-park-engagement-session 13-seattle-scultpture-park-engagement-session 14-seattle-scultpture-park-engagement-session 15-seattle-scultpture-park-engagement-session 16-seattle-scultpture-park-engagement-session

All Photos by Seattle Wedding Photographer Logan Westom

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