Seubert Family Photos

Seubert Family

North Dakota

December 31, 2016

Babies are incredible. They don’t have a sense for right and wrong. How things are supposed to be. And when it’s time to be done with something. They are learning how to function in this world and they are doing it on their terms.

When it’s time to clean up, they still want to stuck on their breakfast spoon. When it’s time for a bottle they fling their arms wide open and recline. They always want to put things in their mouths. Usually, it’s their fingers. They also stick their fingers in another place just north of their mouths.

Little baby Vivan does all these things. She’s discovering so many new things every day. And for her, it’s not about even about any of this. It’s about enjoying being a baby and everything that comes with it. Because sooner or later she’ll be grown up, have proper manners, stop picking her nose, and eat politely at the dinner table. Let’s stop for a moment and her own happy way of experiencing this great big world because she is doing it in a way all her own.

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