Jenna and Dalton Wedding

Jenna & Dalton

Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club Wedding

September 28, 2018

I first had the pleasure of meeting Jenna and Dalton at Dalton’s brother’s wedding a few years earlier. That wedding was so much fun to photograph. When I received an email from Jenna and Dalton asking me to photographer their Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club Wedding, I was so excited! I had a hunch that it would be an incredible and unique wedding in itself. My assumption was absolutely correct.

Their Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club Wedding location has picturesque hills and beautiful lush grounds. It was a perfect fit for Jenna and Dalton. I get so inspired and excited when the venue compliments the beauty in the couple.

The landscape almost evokes and encourages an emotion from you that you never thought possible. Just like for Jenna, who right before her first look, held back tears – a wave of emotion she was not expecting. The same was for Jenna’s father when he saw his daughter for the first time. You can see from the photos how he was overcome with feelings in the best possible day. I really enjoy witnessing this type of raw sentiment on a wedding day, it focuses in on the present moment and how precious it truly is.

One of my favorite subtle moments came from an unexpected source at the wedding ceremony recessional. I actually never even noticed the moment until after I looked at the photos on my computer. In the very back row sat the child who was holding a big thumbs up to the passing bride and groom at the end of the ceremony. Dalton noticed and gave a thumbs up back. It is a favorite and simple moment, one that actually won a gold award through the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

The reception was filled with great moments for both Jenna, Dalton, and their families. My favorite ones all lived on the dance floor. Starting off with a song where in Jenna’s brother grabbed the DJ’s mic, and sang along. He tried to get his sister to join but she was not having any of it. Instead he weaved in and out of the crowded dance floor. And that was just the start of a wonderful party celebrating Jenna and Dalton. There were more stories from the dance floor but I’ll let the photos above tell the rest.