Allison & Jon – Timberline Lodge: Government Camp Oregon

Allison & Jon

Timberline Lodge: Government Camp Oregon

February 24, 2017

Allison & Jon’s Timberline Lodge wedding in Government Camp Oregon was an incredible wedding to be able to photograph. Mainly because I went to school with both of them in high school. It’s been one of the highlights of my summers in recent years. Reconnecting with past high school friends and photographing them on their very important day.

To photograph Allison & Jon’s wedding, meant driving back home for the weekend and heading south towards Mt. Hood. Unfortunately, low clouds had blocked the view of the mountain on their wedding day. But that was no problem because no one was there to see the mountain. They were there to see Allison and Jon. Inside the Timberline Lodge chapel, all their family and friends gathered to see them bring their lives together. A sweet ceremony filled with prayer, hope, and love.

After people enjoyed some delicious breakfast food, a little dancing, and a few heartfelt toasts before saying their final congratulations and sweet goodbyes to Allison & Jon. Once all their guests had departed Allison, Jon, and I adventured out around the grounds in the winds and light mist for photos before heading back inside the lodge to take the last few next to the roaring fire. It was a great afternoon shooting their early morning wedding ceremony and afternoon reception.

Please enjoy reliving their special day through Allison & Jon’s Timberline Lodge Wedding Photos.

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All Photos by Seattle & Destination Wedding Photographer Logan Westom