Vivian First Birthday

Photographing first birthdays will never get old. A one year old baby getting to eat their own cake and be as messy as they want. There are not many things that I can think of that sound more fun to photograph.

Vivian’s cake smash was a lot fun and the way she did it was absolutely perfect for her personality.

Picture a perfectly dainty cake covered in sprinkles. Now imagine those sprinkles smeared all over the table, chair, chair back, and baby. The sugar masterpiece was the handy-work of Vivian on her birthday. She started out hesitant, which is probably my favorite part of watching a baby on their first birthday. They have no context to understand what is going on. In fact, this fresh perspective and experiencing of things for the first time might be my favorite reason for photographing children in the first place.

Vivian, donning a purple party hat, had to be encouraged to even touch the cake. Her mom, Jessie helped push her little fingers into the cake. It turns out that Vivian was hesitant to get messy. However, all of that changed the moment she tasted frosting from her finger. SUGAR! The vibe changed completely as she dug into her cake. The frosting masterpiece started soon after. Some of my favorite photos are of the the table and chair where she sat and you cans see her tiny reach range just coated in sprinkles and smashed cake.

It was fun for Vivan’s aunts, uncles and grandparents to see her in action and celebrate this monumental first milestone. It also helped that they all had their own cupcakes even though Vivian offered to “share” hers.

The party for this little one continued into bathtime. The photos of Vivian wearing her party hat in the tub fit her quirky and spirited personality perfectly. She really is a joy to be around and you could say that she really brings the life to any party. I know that this family will cherish these photos for years to come. It brings me so much happiness to be able to give the gift of capturing moments like this. I can already envision the party hat and tub picture at Vivian’s graduation, or wedding. While we’re all happy to have captured this moment for forever we will have to wait and see what the birthday girl’s perspective will be.

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