May 8, 2018

After spending two years trying to earn my first Fearless Photography Award,  I thought it would be quite some time before I would win a second. I was sure wrong. The second award I received was in the very next contest I submitted, Collection 42. This award-winning photo was captured this past summer at a Woodstock Farms wedding reception.

woodstock farms wedding reception champagne toast spill

The toasts given at Mara and Morgan’s wedding were incredibly funny, meaningful, and full of energy. Mara’s parents gave a toast together. It fed off the energy from their family and friends laughing and cheering – they gave very enthusiastic speeches. 

Juggling a written speech, and a microphone, Mara’s mom forgot about the glass of champagne she was also holding. I was lucky to notice and anticipate the inevitable about 60 seconds before any champagne was sacrificed. 

I waited, focused the glass, and took pictures the whole time as it got closer and closer to the peak of the moment. Just as the champagne crested the rim of the glass, I probably captured about 40 to 50 photos of this short, quick, glimpse of a moment. I love this image and the unique perspective as it shows a passionate toast – giving life and character to a moment that typically isn’t the most dynamic to photograph.

This photo embodies living in the moment. She wasn’t phased by the glass in her hand, because that moment to her was more about being connected to her family and friends at the wedding. It was about her sharing meaningful words with those she loves most. I’m never one for wasting champagne, but this moment allowed the guests to laugh and partake in the excitement. The fact that this moment is documented will always bring back memories of laughter and remind them of this charming moment.

It is exciting to have earned another Fearless Award for one of my photographs. But, more importantly, I think it is a special treat for the couple to know that one of their wedding photos won an award. Not every day you can say that one of your wedding photos is award-winning. It is a neat wedding gift to Mara, Morgan and Mara’s mother.

For those not familiar with Fearless Photographers Fearless Photography Awards are awarded to the best award winning wedding photographers in the world for couples who truly love wedding photography. It is a worldwide competition open to all wedding photographers. Of the 10,000 submitted photos, only 145 were selected for Fearless Awards. That means that around the world,  only 2% of photographs submitted actually received awards. To put it short, it is extremely hard to win a Fearless Photographers Award. I’m still a little in shock that I have now won two back to back. But more-so,  I am motivated to earn my third!