June 16, 2016

For Elizabeth and Andy their Arctic Club wedding was a bit of a destination wedding. Currently living in Nebraska they traveled to Seattle for a celebration with family and friends at the Arctic Club Hotel.  For Elizabeth having grown up in Seattle the celebrations doubled as a homecoming. Both of them were extremely easy going and fun to hang around in the morning. It was evident from early in the morning how their friends were such an important part of their day. It was entertaining to watch the bridal party of 14 people have fun in the morning, playing music, laughing, eating Top Pot donuts, and drinking champagne.

We ventured down to Seattle’s Sculpture Park beach for some photos by the water where there were plenty of “congrats” being yelled by random pedestrian well wishers. It got even crazier as we walked through the bustling Pike Place alley before heading back to the venue at the Arctic Club for the wedding ceremony.

I can not stress just how incredible the Arctic Club Hotel is in downtown Seattle. It may be familiar as the venue was recently featured in Macklemore’s latest music video for their song “Dance Off”. The iconic dome ceiling and glass chandelier was perfect for this elegant wedding – and later, the dance party. The ceremony was absolutely idyllic with everything from humorous stories, touching moments, and meaningful exchanges.

You could see the family’s passion and their faith-filled beliefs through the toasts given by both Andy’s brother and Elizabeth’s dad. Moving people to cheers and tears. After the tears were wiped away the dance party opened up. Everyone from the bridal party joined the dance floor along with grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends. Nearly everyone in attendance danced a little to celebrate the new life Andy and Elizabeth were about to begin together. I found them taking a moment to themselves outside the steps of the Arctic Club. They were soaking in the events of the entire day and sharing moments from their celebration. While Elizabeth and Andy snuck away a few minutes early to their penthouse suite, their family and friends kept the dance floor hot through the night.

downtown-seattle-urban-couple-portrait arctic-club-seattle-mug arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-3 arctic-club-bride-getting-ready arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-5 bride getting ready with grandma seattle photographer bride getting ready arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-8 arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-9 arctic club seattle bride reflection arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-11 arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-12 arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-13 arctic club wedding bride father crying arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-15 bridesmaids watching bride get in wedding dress dad helps groom with cufflinks arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-19 arctic club groom tie arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-21 arctic club hotel groom getting ready arctic club fun getting ready arctic club grooms men getting ready arctic club groom champagne arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-26 arctic club hotel grooms men groom donut card first look arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-29 arctic club hotel groom first look arctic club bar wedding portrait arctic club bar creative wedding portrait arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-33 arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-34 arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-35arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-36 sculpture park seattle bridal party walking creative bridal party sculpture park sculpture park drift wood wedding portrait sculpture park creative portrait creative bike pedestrian wedding portrait pike place bike wedding portrait bridal party pre ceremony prayer arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-44 bride walks down isle arctic club groom cry arctic club wedding arctic club elegant wedding arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-48 couple laughing arctic club wedding mother of bride cry ceremony arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-51 arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-52 arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-53 arctic club couple first dance arctic club creative first dance bride sister crying toast mother of groom crying during toasts arctic-club-wedding-seattle-photographer-58 arctic club couple laughing during toasts arctic club dramatic father daughter dance arctic club father daughter dance arctic club mother son dance arctic club bride dance party arctic club backflip wedding dance arctic club fun wedding reception arctic club wedding dance party arctic club wedding portrait night arctic club wedding night portrait bride and groom seattle urban night portrait arctic club open dancing wedding reception grandpa dancing arctic club wedding grandma dancing arctic club bridal party dancing arctic club dance party wedding seattle elegant wedding reception arctic club couple elevator arctic club night wedding portrait

All Photos by Seattle and Destination Wedding Photographer Logan Westom