January 5, 2015



2014 was a such an incredible year for creating photos that will last a lifetime! I was fortunate enough to be able to meet a lot of wonderful people, enter their lives, and take some photos. Engagement sessions are the first chance I get to spend a significant amount of time creating timeless photos for these people and it’s always one of my favorite parts of working as a wedding photographer.

This year I photographed many engagement sessions all over the beautiful west coast. From as close as Green Lake Park in Seattle Washington to as far south as Palm Springs California. Other fun engagements in-between included photographing a well-traveled couple running though a freezing cold city fountain in Portland, documenting a couple along the mountains of the Cascades at Suncadia, and shooting photos in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth Washington. Each unique location along with each unique couple made engagement sessions over the past year extremely diverse. Heres to photographing great couples and great locations in 2015!

Check out just a few of the many engagement photos I took this year!

Photographer 2-best-seattle-engagement-2015 3-best-seattle-engagement-2015 Photographer 5-best-seattle-engagement-2015-0589 6-best-seattle-engagement-2015 7-best-seattle-engagement-2015 33-best-seattle-engagement-20158-best-seattle-engagement-2015 9-best-seattle-engagement-2015 10-best-seattle-engagement-2015 11-best-seattle-engagement-2015 12-best-seattle-engagement-2015 12.0-best-seattle-engagement-2015 13-best-seattle-engagement-2015 14-best-seattle-engagement-2015 15-best-seattle-engagement-2015 16-best-seattle-engagement-2015 17-best-seattle-engagement-2015 18-best-seattle-engagement-2015 18.0-best-seattle-engagement-2015 19-best-seattle-engagement-2015 26.0-best-seattle-engagement-201520-best-seattle-engagement-2015 21-best-seattle-engagement-2015 22-best-seattle-engagement-2015 23-best-seattle-engagement-2015 24-best-seattle-engagement-2015 25-best-seattle-engagement-2015 Photographer  27-best-seattle-engagement-2015 28-best-seattle-engagement-2015 29-best-seattle-engagement-2015 30-best-seattle-engagement-2015 31-best-seattle-engagement-2015 31.0-best-seattle-engagement-2015 32-best-seattle-engagement-201534-best-seattle-engagement-2015 35-best-seattle-engagement-2015 36-best-seattle-engagement-2015 37-best-seattle-engagement-2015

All Photos by Seattle Wedding Photographer Logan Westom