Quality Custom Engraved Wooden USB Drives

My Custom Flash Drives

from USB Memory Direct

January 10, 2019

Gone are the days of burning multiple CD’s that cause your computer to overheat as the disc spins and hisses at you with the accompaniment of a loud blowing fan. CD’s are almost non-existent since many modern age computers and laptops no longer have disc drives. Technology continues to change, and that’s when photographers like myself turn to alternate and more efficient means of data storage. That’s why I offer custom flash drives to my clients to keep their photos safe.

I remember buying my first USB drive that only held 512mb and cost me $65. Now they hold 10 times the amount of data and cost one-tenth of the price. Thanks to the amazing advancement of technology we now have affordable, compact, elegant, and custom USB drives. The files now load quickly and quietly. Downloading a full wedding in only about 10 to 15 minutes.

Thankfully, USB Memory Direct’s flash drives come in a nearly endless selection of custom options. For my USB drives, I chose to go with the Tower flash drive in a light cedars wood tone. Wood finish not for you? There are numerous USB types available that you can print or engrave your logo on to. I was torn between choosing the light cedar tone with my logo engraved, or the dark walnut wood tone with my logo printed white. The contrast between the print and wood finish was so striking. I always love a good amount of contrast in my photos and the same goes for my USB drives.

Once I received my custom flash drives, I was thrilled to see how nice they came out. The brown char tone from the laser engraver perfectly imprinted my logo on the light wood body of the drive. The light cedar also contrasts against the darker walnut print box that I put all of my USB drives in to send to my clients after a wedding.

If you’re interested in getting wholesale flash drives, I highly recommend USB Memory Direct. Go check out their website to view their products and request a quote.