David’s First Birthday

1st Birthday!


December 31, 2016

Probably my favorite of any birthday is the very first birthday. First birthdays are always great because the kid has no idea of what is taking place. The experience is so fresh and unknown. David may not have known what was going on, but he loved every second of it.

Parents, Jason and Gretchen are both avid outdoor enthusiasts who have embraced the Pacific North West culture after moving from California. So, naturally the theme was based on the great PNW outdoors. David was dressed in his flannel and carhartts so he fit the Lumberjack part perfectly.

When it was time for cake, he was stripped him down to so he could get as messy as he wanted eating his own personal smash cake. Along with everything else the cake fit the theme as it was designed to look like a tree stump. Such a neat touch.

This is my favorite part of a First birthday. David got to eat his own sugary cake and frosting for the first time. After a few moments of hesitation and small sampling of frosting, he drove straight into the cake, mouth first. With in minutes there was frosting everywhere around his mouth and cake stuck between his fingers. The caring boy that he is, he wanted to share the cake with everyone else. Thus began David, covered from head to toe in chocolate cake,  running around toward everyone. Jason swiftly snatched him up and headed for a quick bath before he could chocolate-smear any of this guests.

It’s not every day that you get to be as messy as you want with a cake to yourself and David really made the most of it.

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