October 22, 2014

A few weeks ago I was secretly flown down to photograph Jennifer and Rashards private elopement in Palm Springs. The second I arrived in Palm Springs we started shooting for the next 48 hours. The first day before the wedding we spent the day exploring the Palm Springs. We visited the Palm Springs visitor center, The Vicroy, had lunch at the iconic ACE Hotel, a 7-11 gas station which unexpectedly provided the perfect location for the sunset, Hard Rock Cafe, and numerous other photogenic locations around Palm Springs. It was the first time in probably over 15 years since I visited Palms Springs and it was loads of fun driving around town photographing Jennifer and Rashard.

Enjoy the photos from their engagement session!

palm springs sunset engagement 2-palm-springs-welcome-sign-engagement 3-sunrise-portland-airport 4-sunrise-portland-airport 5-mount-hood-sunrise 6-mount-hood-sunrise 7-palm-springs-destinaton-wedding-seattle-photographer 8-palm-springs-ace-hotel-engagement 9-palm-springs-ace-hotel-engagement 10-palm-springs-ace-hotel-engagement 11-palm-springs-ace-hotel-engagement 12-palm-springs-destinaton-wedding-seattle-photographer 13-palm-springs-sunset-engagement 14-palm-springs-sunset-mountains 15-palm-springs-destinaton-wedding-seattle-photographer 16-palm-springs-creative-engagement 17-palm-springs-palm-tree-creative 18-palm-springs-hard-rock-cafe-fun-sign-engagement 19-palm-springs-dramatic-mountain-sunset-engagement

All Photos by Seattle Wedding Photographer Logan Westom