Payton & Jeff Engagement

Payton & Jeff

Discovery Park Engagement

August 8, 2018

Payton and Jeff’s Sunset Discovery Park engagement session was one of incredible brilliance and magical lighting during my favorite time of the year when summer hands the reins over to fall. Tree’s start to transform from green to orange and red. The sun sits lower on the horizon creating slower sunsets. And down by the beach at Discovery Park, the air turns crisp filling out lungs with its sweet fall sea air.

I had a personally fun little challenge for myself because I had just photographed another engagement session at Discovery Park a few days earlier. I could have easily just got the same photos in the same spots and at the same time of day. Instead, I challenged myself to use entirely different spots, explore different parts of the park. In the end, I love the way these photos because they are as equally awesome, show the same amount of love but are completely unique and special all on their own.

One of my favorite photos is the photos of the sun frames perfectly between their hands. This happened when the sun was just minutes away from setting below the horizon. The sun was small enough to frame it right between Payton and Jeff holding hands. I might have been over 100 feet away from them yelling instructions to make align perfectly. I’m so excited with how that shot came out and love the trust from Payton and Jeff as I figured out the composition. Could not have done this without them.

Sunset Discovery Park engagement session are my favorite type of engagement sessions Payton and Jeff’s have been one of my favorites photoshoots there. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in Oregon later this summer. Enjoy these photos around the Discovery Park grass fields, lighthouse and beach.