Day In The Life

Time is so precious and capturing your family, together in this moment, will be a great memento for years to come. This experience shows what it is like to be a parent in your own element and highlights the playful perspective of your child. When your child is grown, they can look back and recall what it was like to feel small.

Day In The Life

Candid family sessions allow you to shed the staged and unfamiliar poses that sometimes parallel traditional family photos, and therefore allow you to feel most comfortable in the environment that fits your family best. – Testimonial from Jessie Seubert 

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Day In The Life

A full 24 hour Day in the Life session is a unique way of freezing time, and preserving memories of your family. I will candidly document an entire day of your family together. We’ll plan a few activities for the family to do together. By being there all day, I won’t miss anything from making breakfast, getting ready, running errands, to household chores. It’s often the moments in between activities that reveal so much about each family member. You’ll have those special daily interactions to cherish forever. This package is unique in the fact that every part of the day from waking up to going to bed will be covered.

Many families end up doing a Day in the Life every year as the family grows and changes together.

  • 100% candid, low key documentary style
  • No posed family portraits
  • Special Pricing available for multiple day family vacations.
  • Available in Seattle/Bremerton and Worldwide
24 Hour Documentary Family Experience
Family Activity Day

Photographed exactly like a Day in the Life experience but planned around one or two family activities. These shorter documentary family sessions are great for birthday parties, or welcoming a new family member into the world  (human or furry). We’ll plan one or two activities for the family to do and I’ll candidly photograph everyone together.

  • 2 Hour Session Minimum
  • Additional Hours Available
  • 100% candid, low key documentary style
  • No posed family portraits
  • Available in Seattle/Bremerton and Worldwide
2 Hour Documentary Family Experience

Curious how Day In The Life Sessions work?

  • 01Will there be any posed photos?

    Nothing is better than real life, and nothing shows real life better than candid moments. But don’t let this worry you, I always aim to capture my clients in the best, most flattering light.

  • 02We don't feel comfortable in front of the camera.

    That is completely normal. Most people don’t. I have plenty of experience with this, and I do everything I can to help make everyone feel comfortable.

    For the 24 hour experiences, I arrive the night before to have dinner with the entire family so we can get to know everyone a little better. I don’t take any photos at this time. In my experience, by the end of the evening, everyone is more comfortable and ready to go the next day and less apprehensive next the next morning.

    Also, I won’t be taking pictures every second throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll just make myself a part of the family. Funnily enough, most kids think I’m invited over to play with them, so I will take some time to play with them a little. This helps take the pressure off, knowing you know you don’t need to be doing “something interesting” all day long. But once a moment is happening I’ll jump back into photographer mode.

  • 03What should we wear?

    Nothing special and especially no matching outfits. Just wear what you would normally dress in.

    Pajamas in the morning, maybe jeans and a t-shirt, or dress during the day, and something comfy in the evening. Whatever is standard for your family. Comfort is key. 


    In the past families have gone to the zoo, spent the day at the beach, went to the pumpkin patch, visited the day at the park. Nothing is off limits.

    I always encourage something that the whole family enjoys doing together.

  • 05How many photos will I get?

    24 hours session get around 400-700. 2 hour sessions get around 100-200. The number depends on how many family members there are.

  • 06Do you photograph family vacations?

    Yes! If you want multiple days of coverage please let me know because I have special pricing for multiple 24 hours experiences.

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